UDUL Studio: DIY Jewellery Experience in Daejeon


Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, isn’t it? I am finally back to blogging after a long hiatus. Today I am writing about a handmade jewellery studio owned by a friend, a studio where you can make your very own custom jewellery in Seoul. I have developed a great interest in jewellery and accessories ever since I stepped foot into the lifestyle and fashion industry. My collection of fashion jewellery has expanded over the years and trust me, it shows no signs of slowing down.

So when my friend, Mong, told me about her new venture called UDUL Studio, where she conducts DIY custom jewellery workshops and even invited me for a studio tour, I got really excited. I thought it would be fun to find out how is it like to make jewellery entirely by hand.

NOTE: Udul studio has moved from Seoul to Daejeon as of Dec 2018.
Below was written based on my experience at their then Seoul studio. Her latest info was updated at the end of the article.  

Located in the Gangnam district, this cozy little heaven of all-things-handmade will bring out the inner designer in you. Classes are conducted at an underground studio where she shares with other artists. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun. You get to learn all the jewellery making basics before creating one you can proudly call it your work.

I was given a small tray upon arrival, with all things needed – several tweezers and a wooden holder where I can put all my selected materials in the later part of the class. The class covers basic skills like how to make simple jewellery clasps, closures, and connectors. By the 1 hour mark, I have got the basics and started working on my wood earring.

It wasn’t easy. The thin, fine wires are delicate. You’ll need to stay focus for a very long time, tweezing them to the correct size and to close the tiny loop tight. This requires so much patience and an excessive amount of attention. Twisting them too much will cause breakage and I destroyed several connectors before finally connecting the wooden piece together. Super hard work, but it is all worth it!

The wood earring I made during the class.

The classes are conducted either in group or solo, depending on the total amount of guests who signed up at one time. I’d say it is a great way to spend your time in Seoul, if you’re up to creating something unique and meaningful for yourself (or even for a friend)!

Writer’s Note: I made a wood earring and a sky blue colour suede bracelet during the session. I do not have photos of the bracelet but I do have photos of me wearing the lovely wood earrings. The dangling wood pieces somehow make my face looks smaller. It makes a perfect accessory for my summer dresses! I matched it with my LIE SS18 stripped dress with ribbon when I met up with the designer of the dress, Mr. Chung Chung Lee when he was in Seoul.

I really enjoyed the whole DIY Jewellery making session with Mong. It just feels like having a cup of tea with a friend while having a jewellery making party at an underground studio. Mong speaks English so you’ll be able to follow the class. Hit her IG up to arrange a class if you’re interested!

Class Information

Single Class (one-off class suitable for travellers) 
Participants will bring back 2 types of jewellery (1 pair of earring + 1 bracelet/ 2 bracelets/ 2 pairs of earrings).
Class Price:  KRW 45,000
Class Duration: 2-3 hours

Other classes suitable for Seoulites:
Class Pack A – 6 times, KRW350,000
Class Pack B – 10 times, KRW 700,000
Jewellery Making Certification Class – 14 times, KRW2,800,000

Contact Details

You may contact Mong via her official Instagram prior to your arrival in Daejeon. Kakaotalk users may contact her via her Kakao ID: jimong20

Udul Studio (Daejeon)
Daejon-si, Seo-gu, Mannyeon-ro 12-21, No. 302.
대전 서구 만년로 12번길 21, 302호

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