Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Your DR’s Secret Products

Ready to jump on the bandwagon? Hold your horses. Figure these 8 things out before purchasing DR's Secret products or regret later!

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing DR's Secret.

Hello peeps! Ever since I blog about my DRโ€™s Secret Skincare review,  I got more enquiries about the skin buddy/ skin consultation service. And the more DMs and messages I received, the more I realise there is a need to address a few very important concepts about DR’s Secret Skincare. 

DR’s Secret is a revolutionary skincare brand that is highly customisable through their very unique support system — DR’s Secret Skin Buddy. The products are one of the few in the skincare market that utilises game-changing technology that goes into the deeper skin layers and rectifies your skin issues. (without thinning your skin!)

People admire our products, thinking these are some “magic skincare products” thanks to the Before & After photos circulating online. While the results are indeed amazing, this could give off the idea that DR’s Secret can transform your skin overnight. Sorry. That’s not how it is.

We don’t just sell the products. Neither do we sell a miracle. What we sell is a service that guides you throughout your skincare journey just so we can gradually achieve your ideal skin through a holistic approach that is sustainable.

This includes using products that contain beneficial ingredients and cultivating the correct skincare habits. I really like this Skin Buddy system because it saves up my precious time (and money). At last, we can finally cut down the guesswork. A skin buddy would measure your progress and recommend products that are aligned with your skin goals. This is some high-level, bespoke skincare service that we don’t even get from luxury skincare brands!

Here are the 8 things you need to know before purchasing your very first set of DR’s Secret products. In my humble opinion, understanding these few important points will definitely cut down the disappointment, unhappiness or regretful foundation-free journey with DR’s Secret. 

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#1. Beautiful Skin Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

I can’t stress this enough. When it comes to skincare, patience is a virtue. While there might be skin buddies who tell you that results kick in within 1 week, take it with a pinch of salt because every skin is different. Our genetic influences, ageing, health issues, environmental assaults (smoking, 2nd-hand smoke etc.), lifestyle choices (sleeping late, binge eating, unhealthy food & allergy), nutrition intakes, and using skincare products that are not beneficial to your skin condition all play a part in what is happening on our skin now. It takes time to see the difference, and maintaining the result will require ongoing use.

Do note that applying the right dosage, correct application & exfoliation method is crucial to see results too!

#2. You Might Experience Skin Purging with DR’s Secret.

DR’s Secret is one of the few skincare products with the technology that can go into the deeper layers of our skin, rectify the issue, and slowly build up our skin barriers again. During the process of rectifying and conditioning our damaged skin barriers, some may experience purging. Typically, users with oily but dehydrated skin (eg. “Internal Oily, External Dry” or “Internal Dry, External Oily”), or those that unfortunately have some preexisting skin issues would likely see different levels of purging, depending on their skin condition. However, don’t get too worried about the purging because this is where your skin buddy comes in to get you back on the right track!

#3. It is Better (and cost-effective) to Kickstart Your Skin Journey with A Skin Buddy.

Skin buddy is a free feature by DR’s Secret. A skin buddy will recommend and tweak your DR’s Secret regime, sharing tips on how to effectively exfoliate using the Miraglo cloth etc. These tips are essential if you want to see the result. The products aren’t cheap so use them the way you’re supposed to so to magnify the results. I have a dedicated blog post here about what exactly Skin Buddies do, and why you need one in your DS journey. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below to connect with any LUMOSQUAD skin buddies below to find out more about DR’s Secret Skincare!

#4. Don’t Lose the Only Chance to Appoint Your Skin Buddy.

DR’s Secret only sells products on its official website and through its skin buddies. While I totally understand that introverts may prefer to purchase items off the website rather than talking to a real person, the downside is that you’re missing out on the new member package deals, as well as other attractive deals such as Monthly Promotions, Purchase-with-Purchase, Birthday Month deals (up to 35% off!) if you purchase on the website. These promotions are only available if you purchase through a skin buddy.

Also, while the website quiz is helpful in terms of suggesting a routine for you, it doesn’t take into consideration of individual’s skin condition. I have had customers who answered that their skin is oily, and got recommended a set that isn’t suitable for her skin type at all because the system did not consider the root reasons for her oiliness is actually due to dryness. Imagine using the wrong set of products just because “it is recommended by the website”, and not seeing the result you’re supposed to see?

As DR’s Secret is a set of skincare products that our routine is highly customisable, it is best to speak to a skin buddy.

If you complete the quiz online, you’ll be randomly assigned a buddy. You can talk to the assigned buddy to find out more, but before you make a purchase, I’d recommend you also talk to other buddies before signing up. By signing up, I mean keying your ideal buddy’s referral number on our mobile app.

#5. You Can’t Change Your Skin Buddy Once You’ve Signed Up. 

You are only given 1 chance to appoint your skin buddy. Once you’ve used your buddy’s referral code to sign up, you are tagged to the buddy permanently and will not be able to change your buddy at all. You should only sign up with the buddy’s referral code when you are 100% sure to engage her as your buddy, and that you are comfortable with her before signing up.

#6. Sign Up The Membership Yourself.

Be extra careful with those who told you that you need to “fill in your ID to sign up so that you can play around with the points.” Because most of the time, these are the naughty ones that try to secure or validate you as their buddy before you are even sure about engaging them. Don’t come to me and ask for advice after signing up with another buddy or asking for a routine formula because this is beyond my capacity to help. (Due to fair play and no-poaching policy, skin buddies are not supposed to advise a regime if you’re already signed under someone else).

#7. Do Not Buy DS Products from Non-Official Channels.

By this, I mean Lazada or Carousell. DR’s Secret only sells its products on its official website and through its skin buddies. Since 2020, DR’s Secret has tightened its regulations on distribution channels and is taking a stand by actively clamping down on sellers who slash the price on Lazada and Carousell. Even if the reviews on Lazada or Carousell suggest that the products are authentic, we cannot guarantee if the seller will be taking care of your skin. So why risk it?

#8. Find A Skin Buddy You’re Comfortable With.

Find that someone you can instantly “click” with because this person is going to be your skin buddy and you’ll be texting or even meeting her as you embark on your foundation-free journey. More importantly, the routine formulas given out by every skin buddy are different. It all boils down to which trainer or director the buddies studied under. For myself and my team, we are trained by an experienced skin specialist hailed from Taiwan. Our team’s signature routine formulas are tried & tested by at least 70k satisfied customers, and we do not share the routine publicly because that’s what makes us different ; p 

By the way, I am currently a skin buddy and also a skincare & career trainer. I am heavily involved in all the training, guiding and helping the skin buddies in my team to grow. You can also find out more about Skin Buddy’s scope and why we do what we do here.

Disclaimer: This article is copyright protected.

Connect with a Skin Buddy under my team:

If you would like to understand the promotion of the month, or if you do not have a buddy and would like to ensure you are doing your DRโ€™s Secret skincare routine correctly, please reach out to our buddies! ๐Ÿ™‚

Our buddies will go the extra mile to explain everything clearly so that you are well aware of what youโ€™re signing up for and the expected result with your commitment. If this is what you are looking for, then weโ€™re the right fit!ย 

You may also click here โ€” @pheurontay and connect with me on Instagram to get your complimentary 1:1 skin consultation and find out whatโ€™s your very first regime like. If you have a budget in mind, we can also help you find out which product would help you get closer to your dream skin, by kick-starting a very simple regime that cleanses, calms, hydrate & moisturises, and protect your skin against harmful rays!

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