Prego: Classic Italian Fare at Fairmont Singapore

Prego Pizza Prego Fairmont

Prego has long been a prominent feature at Fairmont Singapore. It is also one of the restaurants in Singapore I’d be visiting whenever I crave authentic Italian food. The restaurant was tastefully renovated just before COVID happens, with beautiful mosaic tiles on the floor, and the iconic Prego car right near the entrance — The decorations are visually stunning and so very Italian.

And of course, for an authentic Italian experience in an Italian restaurant, we have to order Aperol Spritz ($18) as aperitivo!


For the appetizer, we ordered Burrata e Pomodorini in Insalata con Basilico ($32), it is a simple dish comprised of burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, olives, and pistachios and basil oil. I love the combination, and the olives are divine. However, the texture of the burrata cheese wasn’t soft enough when we cut it open — it wasn’t the creamy, smooth and buttery consistency of a burrata, which was a disappointment. Well, I do believe I went on a bad day because I have ordered this dish in the past and it was perfect!

On the other hand, the focaccia bread served before the meal was warm, moist, subtly oily and flavourful.


I’ve always loved Prego’s mushroom soup. This Zuppa di Funghi cost $20 per bowl, but it is indeed soup for your soul. It has the right consistency — not too watery nor creamy, and is packed with the fragrant, earthy notes of mushrooms. It isn’t the most decent-priced mushroom soup on the market, but I’d gladly order another bowl if I hadn’t ordered other dishes that day.

Mushroom Soup Prego Fairmont Zuppa di Funghi
Zuppa di Funghi (Mushroom Soup)

Side Dish

I enjoyed the Carciofi alla Romana ($18), a classic Roman-style Fried Artichoke. These “Golden Sunflowers” have an addictive crunchiness, with tender and soft meat in the centre that is so deliciously nutty and addictive. I found myself popping them like potato chips before the mains arrived.

Carciofi alla Romana (Roman Style Fried Artichoke)


Trust Prego when it comes to pasta. I still fondly remember their pappardelle in baby spinach sauce and shaved generously with Parmigiano cheese which I had years back. It was phenomenal. While the dish is no longer on the menu, pasta at Prego never fails to impress.

Spinach Pappardelle with Parmigiano cheese, Circa 2019. The restaurant is not serving the dish anymore.

I ordered Tortelli al Parmigiano Fondente ($34), a Parmesan Ravioli with Mushroom Sauce, sprinkled with almonds. Each small parcel is filled with luscious cheese fillings. As you bite into the al-dente pasta squares, the creamy cheese filling bursts out, leaving a flavourful, delightful, cheesy creamy mess.


Margherita Pizza ($30) — a classic staple in any Italian restaurant with super simple ingredients: tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil, and basil.

Prego’s pizza dough was slightly towards the fluffier side. So if you’re looking for crisp, light and airy dough, you may be slightly disappointed. That said, the ingredients are fresh, and they are super generous with the cheese and toppings. The restaurant is equipped with a proper wood-fired oven so there is a nice smoky flavour to your pizza!

The signature Prego Pizza ($40) topped with sundried tomatoes, ham, wild and brown button mushrooms, fresh cream and parmesan is another crowd pleaser at the restaurant too!

I can’t pick a favourite between the two, as the Margherita Pizza is tomato-based while Prego Pizza has a more cheesy taste profile, and both are equally appealing.

Prego Pizza

Main Course

The main course worth trying is their Pancetta di Maiale in Porchetta ($50). It is a mouth-watering slow-roasted pork belly, seasoned with salt, garlic, rosemary and assorted wild herbs. The crackling skin, succulent fats and perfectly seasoned and tender meat just hit the right balance. If you’re looking for that distinctively glorious melt-in-your-mouth fatty texture, capped by a satisfying crunchy crackling, this dish would satisfy your cravings.

Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Fennel Seed, Parsnip.


For an authentic Italian experience, order a Limoncello Pallini ($18) as your digestif while waiting for your dessert to be prepared.

Prego Limoncello


The restaurant offers a variety of gelato ice-creams. I have always ordered the pistachio flavour (one scoop $6, Biscotti add on $2). Overall I would say that the gelato at Prego is above the average café standard in Singapore, but it doesn’t satisfy my cravings for Italian gelato.

Pistachio Ice Cream Prego
Pistachio Ice Cream served with Biscotti

Writer’s Note: Prego is a restaurant with a warm, friendly and welcoming ambience, great for families and gatherings. I love their pasta, and I have always enjoyed their pasta offerings. The consistency for pizza and some other dishes can be floppy, probably exaggerated by how much I enjoyed their pasta. That said, Prego is a good restaurant to dine in, especially if you have credit card promotions or Accor Plus Membership that offer great discounts.

Contact Details

80 Bras Basah Rd, Fairmont Singapore S189560
Tel. 6431 6156
Operating Hours: 12PM – 10:30PM

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