Jeju Island: Little White Bungalow by The Sea


Even though most of the major attractions of Jeju Island are pretty much located in the southern part of the island, I actually preferred staying in the northern part where the beautiful Seaside Road (해안도로), the changing colours of the Aewol Sea and the local hideouts are located. Thankfully, I found this beautiful little white house by the sea and now, I can’t think of any other place to recommend if you’re looking for an accommodation in Jeju Island.

I was totally charmed by the beauty of Chunsang eui Noeul 천상의 노을 when we got dropped off at the frontyard of the bungalow. The rustic facade of the house, the pebbles stones, the red roofs… the moment you see it from the outside, you know it is something special.

For more than a decade, the Kim family receives guests from all around the world at their double-storey bungalow by the sea. It is one of the 3 accommodations that is awarded service excellence by the Jeju Government on the whole island. Sunny and cozy, with some French influences interior here and there, this place is a top favourite among local.

Our lovely studio suite at the 2nd floor has a breathtaking view of the sea, which makes the trip so remarkably wonderful. We arrived in the late afternoon and decided to stay indoor to appreciate the beauty of Jeju before scouting around the vicinity on our 1st day there. Of course, we didn’t miss the surreal moment watching the sun dipped below the water’s edge right from our room.

Dinner was the barbecue Jeju black pork from a restaurant some 5 minutes walk from the bungalow, though it pales in comparison to the bbq black pork at a restaurant call Chil-don-ga 칠돈가 near Cheonjeyeon Waterfall. It was that kind of taste that lingers in your memory. Too bad we didn’t have time to revisit Chil-don-ga this time as our itinerary were to check out places at the northern part of the island. Driving to the restaurant from the bungalow would take up 40 mins. to an hour!

Simple breakfast is served daily at the cafe at the ground floor. You can help yourself with some toast, eggs & beans, cereal, fruits and salad, coffee or tea before heading out.

Shinum Lighthouse located right in front of the bungalow.

Writer’s note: Waking up to the sea view each morning was the best thing during my 3-day-stay here. The vivid and cheerful sunlight, the changing colours of the sea and the movements of the light in the room, all add up to a relaxing and carefree atmosphere throughout our stay. We engaged a private guide to drive us around during our stay. The tour starts at 9am and ends around 6pm every day. After a long and tiring day, the minute we dropped off at the place, I would see the golden sunset lit up the stone wall, the greeneries surrounding the white bungalow, the quiet trail descending down towards the sea, and when I hear the echoes of the ocean waves, I knew I was home.

The room was kept tidy every day and each room has its speedy private wifi and mini kitchen. Mrs Kim, although not exactly well verse in English, was very kind and helpful and attended to all our queries regarding food/travel recommendation. Their daughter who’s currently in the US is contactable via their Airbnb account. You may contact her if you need more information.

Contact Details:

천상의노을 Chunsang eui Noeul
2839-1 Sineom-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju-do, South Korea.
제주도 제주시 애월해안로 424번지/ 제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 신엄리 2839-1
Tel. 064-799-6116


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  1. Hello! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts for quite some time now! If you wouldn’t mind, could you share more about your private guide (his charges, do he speak English/Chinese, and how was he?) I’m thinking about bringing my parents to Jeju, but we couldn’t drive, nor do we want to sign a tour package as we would like some flexibility. So i’m thinking of hiring a reliable and honest guide for the trip.

    Hope to hear from you on this! Thanks in advance! 🙂

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