DR’s Secret Application Guide: Are You Applying The Right Amount?

If you're not seeing improvement using DR's Secret, or if you want to optimise your skincare investment, you need to make sure that you're using the right dosage. Here is how.

DR's Secret Right Dosage See Result
DR's Secret Application Guide. Photo by Pheuron Tay.

Have you ever wondered how much product you should be applying to your face? When the instruction label of your skincare products reads: slather on moisturiser, dab the sunscreen, coat your face with a thin layer of [insert product ], what exactly does that mean?

When it comes to skincare, size definitely does matter.

We look at the molecular size of the product, as well as texture, vis-à-vis how much of the product you should be applying to your skin. Not forgetting that too much or too little of certain products would cause a breakout or dehydrated skin.

Many of you chance upon my blog after researching DR’s Secret skincare. With the most common question in your mind – Is DR’s Secret well worth my investment? We all know that DR’s Secret Skincare isn’t cheap. But it is effective (only, if you do it right ). And considering DR’s Secret Moisturiser 6 or Refining Serum 9 is retailing at $109 and $188, every squeeze, squirt and pump is costing you money.

If you’re not seeing improvement, or if you want to optimise your investment in DR’s Secret, you need to make sure that you’re using the right dosage. Here’s my recommendation:


A Singapore fifty-cent coin-sized amount is all you need.

For those who are unable to master the skills of lathering bubbles with bare hands and have succumbed to foaming net or foaming cup, please ensure that you are using fifty-cents circumference worth of cleanser as these foaming nets tend to foam very well with very little cleanser.

Imagine washing a greasy pot with very little dishwashing liquid… you get what I mean.

DR's Secret Cleanser 1 right dosage
A Singapore 50 cents vs Cleanser 1. Photo by Pheuron Tay.
DR's Secret Cleanser 1 dosage
DR’s Secret Cleanser 1. Photo Courtesy of DR’s Secret Official

Tips to lather: Make sure you have emulsified the pink gel cleanser to a milky white solution by rubbing your palms together, before lathering bubbles. The gentle, fragrance-free bubbles can pull out dirt, makeup and foreign substances from the skin and trap them in cleansing molecules so that they can be rinsed away. It also works super well in softening the dead skin cells and cuticle build-ups, so that we can easily exfoliate them off our skin!

Instructions: Squeeze a 20-cent coin-sized of DR’s Secret Cleanser 1 and lather bubbles before massaging the bubbles onto your skin. Washing once in the morning and twice in the evening if you wear makeup (foundation, bb cushion, cc cream and tinted sunscreen),  or only once at night if you don’t wear makeup.


If you think applying only concealer and loose powder is a great way to reduce liquid foundation coverage, and therefore do lesser harm to your skin, think again.

First of all, concealer is WAY heavier than foundation. They offer thicker and fuller coverage than a foundation and therefore, they are also harder to remove.

Improper removal of makeup aids in ageing your skin, and over time, creates a sallow skin complexion. Over-trusting cleansing wipes not only lead to the tugging of the skin, but they also don’t do the best job of removing all your make-up effectively. So a safer and more efficient choice of makeup remover for all skin types is a cream-based cleansing cream. Aestier A1 Cleansing Cream allow us to gently remove makeup or sunscreen without drying out or irritating our skin.

Its counter-time peptides also help to increase skin youthfulness, elasticity, and rosiness and prevent ageing! Imagine massaging it onto your skin to cleanse while benefiting from the anti-ageing properties? I am all in! 

Instructions: Start with squeezing some cleansing cream (roughly 50-cents size) in clean, dry hands. Gently massage the cream onto your face in circular motions—taking extra care around the eyes—all over your face. Once the makeup starts to break down, add some water and continue to massage the milk-like texture, and finally rinse away with lukewarm water. Extremely dry-skin-type may use this in the morning in substitute of Cleanser 1. Check with your buddy.


If you are still getting undesirable sunburns and tanning despite sunscreen application, chances are that you are not applying enough sunscreen, or you have not been reapplying sunscreen diligently to protect your skin.

While sunscreen is a big topic, considering the SPF, chemical or mineral filters, and the broad spectrum. (By the way, higher SPF does not mean better protection). I will probably explain a bit more about this in another blog but as a general guideline, if you are applying DR’s Secret Sunscreen 5 or 5M which has an SPF25, you need to reapply every 3 hours to maintain the protection.

DR‘s Secret Sunscreen 5 right dosage
3 mungbean size of Sunscreen 5.

Instructions: Dot 9 mungbean size of sunscreen onto your entire face, and use a “press & roll” method to help blend the product onto your skin. You should also apply extra sunscreen to cover your neck and chest, depending on the clothes you are wearing. If you are having problems blending the sunscreen, try applying sunscreen after your face has absorbed other skincare products. Reapply every 3-4 hours.


Everyone has heard of and owns a moisturizer (or two). While you thought that you just need to put them on and they’ll moisturise your skin, turns out it is not so simple.

Applying enough moisturiser will hydrate your skin’s superficial layer, protecting them from environmental aggressors, and preventing surface water loss. Applying way too little moisturiser, your skin may feel tight, flakey, and look dull. So how much moisturiser is enough for your skin?

Drs Secret Moisturiser 6 How much to use
Two full pumps of Moisturiser 6 equal to 1 jumbo blueberry. Photo courtesy of DR’s Secret Official.

Instructions: To avoid over-moisturising yet maintaining what your skin needs – use at least 2 full pumps, or the size of a jumbo blueberry for a full face application. Avoid swiping the moisturiser too much to reduce white residue. If you do a “press & roll” method, there is a lower chance you’ll see white films. Check-in with your skin buddy if you’re seeing white residue for a proper application tutorial.

A 30 ml DR’s Secret Moisturiser 6 tube would last around 3 weeks+-, used twice a day, a total of 4 full pumps a day.

If your skin feels dry even after using the right amount of moisturiser given by your skin buddy, alert your buddy and switch to a richer formula with an additional Pentalab Balancing Oil or apply our Aqua Boost Serum 10 underneath.

Chances are that we need to address the problem at the deeper dermal layer. While moisturiser takes care of the epidermis layer, the dermal layer is where collagen, elastin and water are located. Most molecules from moisturiser and oils cannot reach this particular layer, and we will need a hydrating serum to maintain moisture and hydration at the inner skin layers.


While you may read from beauty magazines that “a pea-sized amount of serum is more than enough”, experts would recommend you to check on the product consistency than following a one-size-fits-all rule.

DR’s Secret Refining Serum 9 is a serum in a gel-type consistency, way thinner compared to lotions. Hence, if you are only going to apply “a pea-sized” of Refining Serum 9 on your skin, it is highly likely that you are not applying enough to get the ideal result.

Gel-consistency products contain higher water content, and usually, give off a refreshing feeling on the skin after application, which is great for oily skin types. And what’s more, it is often used to calm and soothe irritated and stressed skin, refines skin texture (and pores), and sculps our visage for a more defined appearance.

Instructions: If you are having easily irritated skin, need to work on your enlarged pores and tighten your sagging skin, our recommendation is 4-6 full pumps of Refining Serum 9 onto your entire face due to its light consistency and versatility.


As mentioned in our Moisturiser section above, moisturiser and hydrating serum take care of different skin layers. A hydrating serum usually has a higher concentration of actives and is designed to penetrate the deeper dermal layer to deliver targeted results; while a moisturiser is designed to help fortify the surface of the skin, and bind skin cells together to prevent skin from drying out.

They actually serve distinct purposes.

Moisturisers usually have larger molecules than serums. They won’t penetrate the skin as deeply or as quickly as a hydrating serum will. Given their different scope, a hydrating serum can’t replace moisturiser, and a moisturiser does not provide your skin with the extra boost it needs to look great for years to come. Both are necessary and work in conjunction for healthy skin!

Instructions: You’ll need at least 2-3 full pumps of DR’s Secret Aqua Boost Serum 10 before applying all other DR’s Secret cream-based products, such as moisturiser. Some skin that has a weakened skin barrier may encounter some functional reactions including redness or minor breakout during the first few applications. Inform your buddy of such situations. We’ll condition your skin, and slowly introduce it back again.


Cleanse, hydrate, moisturise and sun protection are the keys to healthy and glowing skin. It is also the reason why we as skin buddies have always been stressing the importance of using the right amount of hydration and moisturising products and reapplying sunscreen.

Sometimes, it means that you have to listen to the needs of your skin, not how you feel. For example, if you’re actually experiencing any one of the below:

  • Eww, it’s so sticky to apply moisturiser / sunscreen!
  • The moisturiser is suffocating!
  • It’s too many products on my face…
  • I have never applied so many products to my face? — my dear, that is why your face is dry!

Now, every morning before you apply your given routine, start by looking into the mirror so you can see and feel at the same time – What is your skin trying to tell you? Does it have lesser fine lines? Do your pores look more refined? Is it rough or smooth to touch? If there are breakouts, where are they?

Instead of focusing on how you feel right after applying the products, pay attention to the result on your skin the next day, or in the coming weeks.

If your skin is showing improvement, you should stick to your buddy’s advice and not cut the dosage just because you are not comfortable.

Interestingly though, most users who had doubts and felt uncomfortable with 2 full pumps of moisturiser, or totally did not reapply sunscreen would see results after they decide to trust & follow our instructions! That is because they have been depriving their skin of these two most essential products in one’s daily skincare regime.

Remember, ensuring the right dosage to apply to your skin will put you on the fast track to perfect skin.

If you do not have a skin buddy and wished to kick start your DS skin journey and enjoy member-exclusive product rates, discounts or even earn cash rebates, buzz me at @pheurontay on Instagram and I’ll explain to you! 

This blog does not cover recommended dosage for DR’s Secret T2 Toner, T3 Skinlight, T4 Skinrecon and C15 Essence 7, as they are DR’s Secret’s Treatment series products and your dosage of these products should be advised based on the individual’s skin condition. 

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