CUT by Wolfgang Puck: Quality Steaks, Big Flavours and Amazing Service

CUT by wolfgang puck singapore MBS

Before I gave birth to bébé Keian, I had a chance to visit CUT by Wolfgang Puck, a much-lauded steakhouse at Marina Bay Sands with my girl pals. The plan to eat at CUT was made rather impromptu and it was a real challenge to reserve a table by the last minute but thankfully we got lucky. I must say it was a pleasant night with the beautifully cooked steak, flavourful sides and impeccable service that I have expected it to be.

Photo Courtesy of CUT by Wolfgang Puck
CUT by Wolfgang Puck - dining room
Photo Courtesy of Wolfgang Puck
CUT by wolfgang puck MBS guests dining
CUT by wolfgang puck MBS guests dining

Bread Service

We were served baskets of assorted bread and complimentary cheese puffs that were all very delectable. Some were pillow-soft, and some were fragrant. It was certainly a carb-loading start to the night but no one was complaining.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Breadstick
CUT by wolfgang Puck review
CUT by Wolfgang Puck MBS


While the steak at CUT is undoubtedly, highly praised by the general public, I must say that their starters are excellent too! All of us are pretty picky eaters but we couldn’t find a single fault with the starters we ordered. First, it was Mini Kobe Sliders in Brioche Bun and Sweet Pickles as the amuse-bouche.

It is evident that CUT went all out to impress its diners — Kobe beef sliders to start the meal?! We felt so spoilt. I liked that combination of beefy and juicy patties, with that soft, moist, and fluffy brioche bun. It was so tasty that if I weren’t there for their steak, I would have down another serving.

CUT by wolfgang puck. sliders
Amuse Bouche – Mini Kobe Sliders
CUT by wolfgang puck sliders
Juicy Kobe beef patty.

Next up was the Prawn “Cocktail”, Wasabi Panna Cotta, Celery Salt, Avocado Mousse, and Calamansi. Those plump deshelled prawns have a sweet mild taste with a crunchy texture — a refreshing dish to savour after the sliders.

Prawn “Cocktail”.

I really liked the Maple Glazed Pork Belly. It was served with Apple-Apricot Compote, Chicharrón and Sesame – Orange Dressing. While we do find some Chinese influence in this dish, it was incredibly tender and succulent, the meat literally melt in my mouth and the bold flavours left me wanting more.

CUT by wolfgang puck Maple Glazed Pork Belly
Maple Glazed Pork Belly.

As with most steakhouse visits, a crab cake is always on the list. While I can’t enjoy the dish due to my shellfish allergy, the feedback from my dining companions was that this Maryland Blue Crab Cake was loaded generously with meaty chunks of fresh blue crab and was absolutely lovely!

CUT by wolfgang puck Maryland Blue Crab Cake
Maryland Blue Crab Cake

Burrata Cheese with Tomatoes was the crowd-pleaser that can never go wrong. The salad was really refreshing. Those chilled tomatoes were sweet and juicy, perfect for the sweltering Singapore weather.

CUT by wolfgang puck burrata cheese
Burrata Cheese with Tomatoes.


We had the USDA Prime New York Sirloin (350g) and American Wagyu Filet Mignon (170g) that night.

The USDA Prime is corn-fed, and dry-aged on-site for 28 days before being cooked to that medium-rare perfection, with that nicely charred surface that gave a crisp with every bite. The cut was very juicy and embodied a bold and beefy flavour that we like very much.

CUT by wolfgang puck USDA Prime New York Sirloin Steak
USDA Prime New York Sirloin.

While we enjoyed the American Wagyu Filet Mignon from Snake River Farms, which was the restaurant’s signature cut, we actually prefer the USDA prime as it was more juicy and flavourful.

CUT serves their beef with a variety of sauces, but they’re so well seasoned (in fact, the chefs are very generous with the salt) that they go perfectly well without the condiments.

CUT by wolfgang puck Filet Mignon
American Wagyu Filet Mignon.


We had the Creamed Spinach, Peewee Potatoes and Sauteed Field Mushrooms as sides. The creamed spinach was smooth and creamy, just the way I like it. Potato lovers should not miss their Peewee Potatoes that came coated generously with that crispy shallots and cheddar cheese. The field mushroom was an interesting take as it tasted just like Kung Pao Mushrooms at a Chinese restaurant!

CUT by wolfgang puck Peewee Potatoes
Fried Peewee Potatoes
CUT by wolfgang puck Wild Field Mushrooms
Sauteed Field Mushrooms
CUT by wolfgang puck review steak
CUT by wolfgang puck wine


We end the dinner with Honeycomb Espresso Cake, which includes honeycomb gelato, honey cake, sour cream, lemon curd and espresso. It was a nice combination of honey-sweet and lemony-sour and the dash of espresso added a perfect touch to the dessert.

CUT by wolfgang puck honey comb cake


The service at CUT was warm and impeccable. Though the restaurant was busy during dinner hours, we were greeted by our names and the crew went above and beyond to make sure we had a good experience. Little snippets of conversation here and there throughout the night without making us feel interrupted just show how tactful their service crew are. It is definitely one of the better dining experiences we have in Singapore.

Restaurant Information

CUT by Wolfgang Puck
The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-71,
Galleria Level, Singapore 018956
Tel: +65 6688 8517

5 PM– 10 PM (last seating)

Last order at 11.30 PM

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