Why Do You Need a Skin Buddy on Your Dr’s Secret Skincare Journey?

They have been there before and know what to do to improve your skin condition.

Dr's Secret Skin Buddy

If you chance upon this article, chances are that you have already heard about DR’s Secret Skincare and are excited to embark on a journey to healthier skin, or a foundation-free & radiant skin. However, have you heard about DR’s Secret’s iconic and complimentary service  β€” “Skin Buddy”?

What is a Skin Buddy? Do you really need one? Trust me, engaging a Skin Buddy is the best (and cost-effective) way to kickstart your DR’s Secret Skincare Journey. Let me tell you why.

Think about this: We’ve all been through the lonely journey of reading up and researching skincare products that work for our skin β€” endless trial and error and unfinished bottles on your vanity table, and yet our skin still looks the same, regardless of how much money we spent.

And DR’s Secret makes your skincare journey so much easier with Skin Buddy. You can have someone who is equipped with accurate product knowledge, attended skincare training, and has relevant experiences to figure it out together with you, at zero cost.

What is a “Skin Buddy”?

A Skin Buddy is an independent sales representative and an experienced DR’s Secret skincare user who has successfully achieved healthy glowing skin with the products. In short, Skin Buddies are the ones that have been there before and know what to do to improve your skin condition.

Some skin buddies have a solid track record of helping hundreds and thousands of people to regain their confidence through their guidance, regime and product knowledge.

Skin Buddy’s Scope?

Different skin buddies would have their different way of execution – depend on which school of training, which team they’re from, and what’s their team’s support system like.

Say, for example, if your skin buddy is on maternity leave, who can you reach out to? Is there a support system in place? Or, if you are not happy with the result, is there someone else from the higher up whom you can speak to directly?

While I can’t comment on other teams’ operations as I am truly unaware of how other team works, at team LUMOSQUAD which is under the umbrella of SUPER RICH team, you’ll get to understand your skin and also the usage of the products better. As long as you don’t give up on your skin, we won’t give up on you too! πŸ™‚

What Exactly Do I Get from Engaging a Skin Buddy?

DR’s Secret’s skincare routine is highly customisable, based on your skin type, skin condition, and ultimately, your skin goals. A skin buddy is like a personal skincare coach that would tweak your regime, troubleshoot your application method and also exfoliation method so to improve your skin condition, and gradually achieve your skin goals.

You’d also learn a thing or two about the ingredients and functions of the products from your buddy if you wish to. We’re always very happy to share!

Good skin requires some work. And we can’t expect miracles to happen if we do the same old thing to our skin.

At DR’s Secret, not only the regime is important, we stress the importance of the right dosage applied and the correct exfoliation technique to see results. While I do have some tips here for those who are not seeing improvements yet, if the situation persists, you should really engage a skin buddy to unleash the full potential of this set of powerful products you own. It also saves up so much money and time for guesswork as there is someone to show you exactly how to use the product correctly.

While individual skin improvement may vary depending on your skin type and skin condition before using Dr’s Secret, we should expect some improvement every 3 months and expect to hit some milestones every 6 months if you work hand in hand and in full cooperation with your skin buddy.

#Tip: You should also seek your skin buddy's advice whenever you're replenishing products, as they know the best deals each month (ways to unlock free products), and will assist you to get your Purchase with Purchase Promotion and Birthday Month Promotion (Both are up to 35% discount!!) which you shouldn't miss at all! 

What Remuneration Does a Skin Buddy Receive?

Let’s be transparent. When you signed up with a Skin Buddy and make a purchase, the company will appropriate a small incentive to the skin buddy as a token of appreciation for helping and guiding you during your skincare journey with DR’s Secret.

There is no extra cost from you as a consumer to engage a skin buddy. Since it is free of charge, you might as well engage a buddy of your choice and learn all the tips from your skin buddy!

#Tip: You only have 1 chance to appoint the skin buddy of your choice!

Each member is given 1 chance to appoint your skin buddy. Once you signed up your membership using your skin buddy's referral code, you'll pass the point of no return. You may still be able to terminate your membership and sign up under another buddy if you absolutely wished to but to facilitate fair play to fellow sales rep, there will be a cooling off period and some other conditions* where you won't be able to purchase product for some time, and that is going to be very inconvenient. 

So don't act on impluse. DM/whatsapp your ideal skin buddy directly, understand better before sign up and enjoy various exclusive new-member promotions directly with your skin buddy! 


Skin Buddies are the ones that have been there before, so they understand how you feel, and more importantly, they know what to do to counter your skin reactions.

It is always a good idea to engage a skin buddy if you want to effectively use the products. The routines suggested on the official website are a good reference, but it doesn’t take into consideration of each individual’s skin condition, the root reasons for your skin oiliness and dryness, and therefore not 100% accurate and should not be followed blindly if your ultimate goal is to use this set of product to achieve good skin.

With a skin buddy in your DR’s Secret skincare journey, we can find out more about your skin type, your exact skin condition, your allergies and past episodes of skin outbreaks and give you a customised routine, checking on you regarding application method and Miraglo exfoliation techniques, which are KEY to see the result.

What Makes LUMOSQUAD Skin Buddies Different?

Team LUMOSQUAD spends time undertaking company training courses, attending exclusive focus groups and are also trained under SUPER RICH’s veteran trainers on DS products. Our signature (and secret) routines make us stand out from the rest. Our buddies are clear in explaining the packages and deciphering the promotion each month so that you can make your informed decision when it comes to purchasing products!

As we are not particularly fond of hard-selling, we can totally relate to your concerns. Our buddies will go the extra mile to explain everything clearly so that you are well aware of what you’re signing up for and the expected result with your commitment. If this is what you are looking for, then we’re the right fit! πŸ™‚

Contact our LUMOSQUAD Skin Buddies

If you find this article helpful and would like to connect to get your complimentary 1:1 skin consultation and find out what’s your very first regime like, please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram! If you have a budget in mind, we can also help you find out which product would help you get closer to your dream skin, by kick-starting a very simple regime that cleanse, calm, hydrate & moisturise, and protect against harmful rays!

I am also training, guiding and helping my team of skin buddies to grow. This bunch of amazing skin buddies have been studying alongside me for the past two years, and are very experienced! Don’t be shy to reach out to them, tell them that you read my blog and see what we can do to transform your skin together!

Your journey to healthy & glowing skin with DR’s Secret shouldn’t be alone! DM either one of us & kick-start your DR’s Secret skincare Journey!

I’m interested to be a Skin Buddy!

If you wish to grow from a user to a qualified Skin Buddy and earn a decent side income (part-time or full-time are welcomed), DM me on IG (@pheurontay) and we can start planning. This would include a 1-1 session to understand your needs, and find out your niche market (Yes, regardless of working professional, SAHM or fresh grad, we believe each and everyone has their unique market & will help you identify that) and how to improve your social presence so people will come to you to enquire about products. In fact, we don’t need to have a huge following to have a successful Skin Buddy career, and that’s the know-how we can transfer to all LUMOSQUAD skin buddies!

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