Supernova: A Quaint Brunch Café at Tanjong Katong

A café with great ambience, hearty food, warm service & good coffee.

Supernova Tanjong Katong Singapore

Supernova is considered one of the newest kids on the block in Tanjong Katong. Since it is operated by the same group behind Atlas Coffeehouse and Columbus Coffee Co, and I’ve always admired their mid-century, antique-ish interior, I wanted very much to visit this café before I give birth and go into confinement. And I am happy I did!

Turns out that the café is quite popular even on a weekday afternoon. We didn’t have to wait for a seat but most of the tables were occupied during lunchtime.

The Food

The café provides brunch, coffee and cakes during the day, and when the night falls, it turns into a modern bar where you can enjoy a great selection of natural wines, cocktails and negronis while enjoying okonomiyaki, burgers, grilled meats and desserts.

I haven’t got the chance to visit the café at night, but I believe it would be nice to unwind and chill with your gang at the café during dinner time.

Morning Menu

The Morning menu is available from 8 am to 5 pm, where guests enjoy a variety of hearty breakfast selections. The Fried Chicken French Toasts ($24.5) is one of their popular dish with thick, fluffy Shokupan french toast, fried chicken, hot maple and a dollop of compound garlic butter.

I love the soft, buttery and fluffy Shokupan toast enveloped in a crispy caramelised layer. The fried chicken tender was crispy and the fragrant batter is made of a nice mix of herbs but I find that there were too much of chicken skins and the chunks aren’t meaty, which was slightly disappointing. The garlic butter and the maple syrup laced with chilli flakes were great though. These condiments serve alongside the dish give a nice spin on the American classic. If you love fried chicken (and especially fried chicken skin), you’d love the dish.

Supernova Fried Chicken French Toast
Fried Chicken French Toast

As their Shokupan french toast was delicious, I couldn’t help but ordered another french toast dish —Passionfruit French Toast ($20.9). This is a classic sweet breakfast combination of Shokupan french toast, passionfruit curd and blueberries.

I am usually not a big fan of tangy fruit curd, especially lemon curd as some places just do it so badly that a dish can taste like vomit. However, the passionfruit curd at Supernova had a nice balance of sweetness and tanginess and it pairs well with that airy soft, buttery and eggy french toast!

Supernova Passionfruit French Toast
Passionfruit French Toast

Afternoon Menu

The café serves its afternoon menu from 11 am onwards, where you can enjoy a good mix of pasta, burgers, and light bites like salad and grain bowls.

What stood out on the lunch menu was the Eggs in Meurette ($24) so we decided to give it a try. It was a piece of fried sourdough bread in a red wine stew of bacon, mushrooms and pickled shallots and you can choose to modify the eggs. While the original menu comes with two poached eggs, we changed it to scrambled eggs.

The dish tasted quite Christmas-y, perhaps due to the red wine stew. Overall, it was a nice stomach warmer perfect for the colder days.

Supernova Eggs in Meurette
Eggs in Meurette

Gorgonzola Portobello Rigatoni ($22.5) was a cream-based Rigatoni pasta dish with portobello, gorgonzola, and walnuts and served with a slice of lightly toasted baguette. While the dish was a tad too salty in my opinion, especially when we compared it with another pasta dish we ordered on the same day, it was nonetheless an enjoyable dish if you’d like a creamy and luscious cheese-based pasta.

Supernova Gorgonzola Portobello Rigatoni
Gorgonzola Portobello Rigatoni

I like the Bacon & Pumpkin Rigatoni ($21) which features a pumpkin cream-based rigatoni pasta, with bacon, Shimeiji mushroom and a slice of baguette bread. The rigatoni was al dente and the large tubes allow the pasta to coat up a nice amount of pumpkin cream sauce — the sauce was divine! It was a perfect balance of the sweetness from the pumpkin and the smokey, savoury flavour from the bacon & cream. I have since made a few subsequent visits to the café and this is the only dish that I have made repeated orders.

Supernova Bacon & Pumpkin Rigatoni
Bacon & Pumpkin Rigatoni


Another pleasant surprise was the Burnt Brussel Sprouts ($14.50) from the side menu. Every bite comes with a fragrant, caramelised crisp while still retaining that juicy, tender, satisfying (but not mushy) texture. One of the best Burnt Brussel Sprouts out there!


There are different kinds of cakes and pies available at the café too! We tried the Sea Salt Caramel Carrot Cake ($8) and Key Lime Pie ($7).


As the joint is managed by the same team behind Atlas Coffeehouse and Columbus Coffee, you can expect good quality coffee at Supernova. They offer 2 bean blends to choose from: Mr Cuddles and Mr Brightside. The former one is a bold, comforting and well-balanced taste profile, while the latter leans towards the acidic side.

I have ordered Flat White ($5.6) & Cappucino ($5.6) on different occasions with Mr Cuddles blend, and the coffee tastes great!

Supernova Cappucino

Supernova Flat White
Flat White

I was excited when I see Einspanner ($7.50) on their coffee menu. It is a Viennese coffee traditionally made of milk, whipped cream, espresso shots, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. For some reason, they only serve their Einspanner hot.

I opted for the drink with Mr Cuddles as my chosen blend (which could be a mistake) as my Einspanner turns out to be somewhat too earthy, chocolatey, and overly balanced — the lack of acidity could be the reason why I didn’t enjoy the drink. The drink would have tasted so much better if it is served icy cold. It was a nice try from the team but unfortunately, I find that it pales in comparison with the ones in Korea, especially if you had tried the ones at Taylor Coffee in Seoul.

Supernova Einspanner

Writer’s Note: I like the airy interior, chilled vibe and attentive service at this café that serves delicious upscale brunch. While there are some hits and misses, most food items taste really good. This joint is also very popular during weekends so be prepared to sit outdoor if you’re visiting on a weekend or public holiday.

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Restaurant Information

266 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437053
Tel: +65 6518 9600

8 am – 10 pm

8 am – 7 pm


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