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I can’t wait for the arrival of springtime. For the spring breeze to gently blow and the flowers to bloom. One of the best places to enjoy spring in Korea is Jeonju. I have elaborated the topic quite a bit here. I was collecting information about this beautiful hanok (traditional housing) guesthouse that I stayed earlier, but much to my disappointment, this lovely guesthouse is no longer exist.

Sieondang 시은당 [pronounce as see-eun-dang] was definitely one of the best hanok guesthouses in Jeonju. It is a traditional hanok with an exquisite modern twist. The wood paper door, the spoon door lock, fine embroidery on the thick Korean bedding, the sights of warm sunlight falls onto the aged wooden floor, all scream tradition.

sieondang front



sieondang guesthouse review

sieondang room

sieondang welcome dessert

sieondang bathroom

Sieondang beddings


jeonju korea trip review

jeonju traditional hanok stay sieondang

Sieondang Jeonju Hanok Stay Review

sieondang spring jeonju

I really love the rustic yet minimalist approach to the interior. It was a pity that the guesthouse is no longer available 🙁 The owner now starts a cafe at a remote area near the orchard in Jeonju. If you’re at Jeonju and didn’t want to join the crazy crowd, you may check out this huge cafe call The Orchard. The two chow chows might be at the cafe greeting you!

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32-30 Hanjeol-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
전북 전주시 완산구 한절길 32-30 (도로명주소로 검색하셔야 오차드까지 안내가 됩니다.)
Tel:  063 – 282 – 1153


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