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One of the places I love most in Osaka, Japan is the Orange Street (Tachibana Dori 立花通り). Located some 20 minutes away by foot from Shinsaibashi, this area is brimming with creative designs, dynamic colours and a twist of retro. It is considered one of the trendiest area in Osaka: Think fashionable people, unique boutiques or Zakka, interior design stores and hip cafes — An interesting neighborhood to check out and, of course, a perfect place to get lost.

We only have a  few hours at Dotonbori before leaving to Osaka Castle for the fireworks of Tenjin Matsuri. So we brave the scorching sun and heat to pay this little area a visit. A simple search on the internet brought us to Granknot Coffee, a cafe that serves one of the best coffee in Osaka.

granknot coffee

granknot coffee osaka

We ordered 2 ice original blend, and an affogato. With the harmonious blend of the aroma and acidity, the ice drip coffee is good. But I prefer ice coffee made from espresso. Just my personal preference, though. The affogato was great! I love the strong aroma, and the caremelly, syrupy taste — A good companion for vanilla ice cream. Personally I prefer their espresso based coffee — solid and powerful texture, bold and aromatic flavour. Thumbs up! Currently, they are serving a summer limited edition drink called “Sparkling Espresso”, a dreamy and interesting combination of chilled, sparkling water, espresso shot and flavours of orange peel! Sounds refreshing. Please let me know how it taste like if you get to order it this summer!

오사카 카페 추천

granknot coffee menu


Granknot coffee osaka iced coffee
Iced Original Blend Coffee
granknot affogato


After the coffee break, we decided to walk around the vicinity and found many unique shops with interesting interior and exterior design. Now that I am writing about this place, I regret not spending more time exploring the area and snapping more pictures of the streets. But well, I believe I will be back someday. I love this neighborhood. It is peaceful yet full of surprise. If you have enough of the hustle and bustle of Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, just escape to this artsy and tranquil little area call Orange Street in Osaka!


orange street osaka


Contact Details

Granknot Coffee (click me) 
Japan, 〒550-0014 大阪府大阪市 西区北堀江1丁目23−4
Operating Hours: 8am-6pm
Tel.+81 6-6531-6020


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