Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

A lively Catalan spot with delectable Barcelona-inspired food.

Olivia Restaurant Cheesecake

So I celebrated my birthday at Olivia Restaurant & Lounge! To clarify, this is a long overdue post but so many things happened in the past 6 months and it was complete madness. I promise I will share more when I am ready ๐Ÿ™‚ For now, let’s focus on my birthday lunch at Olivia Restaurant & Lounge at Keong Saik Road.

What I really love about this Catalan establishment is its vibrant interior. Food is plated with modern aesthetics, and it does feel like we were dining in an idyllic, charming coastal resort.

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, blog pheuron tay
Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, communal dining
Photo courtesy of Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

The Food

Like most modern Spanish restaurants in Singapore, the food here encompass the philosophy of communal dining and sharing a meal with loved ones. Other than the starters which are mini bites, the other food portions are generous. And I really love that homey flavours with fine-dining presentations.

The Spherical Olives ($1.5) were a fun dish to kick off the lunch. I popped one in my mouth and it exploded, letting out that briny, rich and delicious olive juice – I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves olive.

Ham Croquettes (2pc, $16) were made of Ibรฉrico ham, enveloping the fragrant & melty cheese. It was slightly on the pricier side but overall a nice starter that makes u want to go back for more.

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, Spherical Olives.
Spherical Olives
Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, Ham Croquette.
Ham Croquettes

Next up was the Classic Tenderloin Steak Tartare with Avruga Caviar ($56). Finely chopped fatty beef steak topped with a thick bed of luscious caviar, and served with piping hot, thick-cut fries on the side! We also paired the crostini with the tartare and it was truly an enjoyable dish!

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, Classic Tenderloin Steak Tartare
Classic Tenderloin Steak Tartare with Avruga Caviar
Olivia Restaurant & Lounge
Thick-cut fries, crostini and butter.

The highlight was Octopus ‘A Feira’ ($39). On top of that creamy mash was crispy pork belly, tender and flavourful octopus, with the fragrance of caramelised onion. It was so good that I would probably order one serving for myself on my next visit!

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, Octopus, Crispy Pork Belly, Potato Foam.
Octopus ‘A Feira’: Octopus, Crispy Pork Belly and Potato Foam.


For first-time visitors, please do not miss out on that classic Oliviaโ€™s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake ($15)! With the lightly burnt surface, each bite was loaded with a delightful sweetness, with a hint of saltiness and earthy flavour from their blue cheese. The texture was perfect – with that creaminess outside and almost liquid centre. It was sinfully indulgent and truly divine. Perfect for sharing!

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, Cheesecake
Dress from PH5 via SocietyA

Writer’s Note

I enjoyed my birthday lunch at Olivia. The octopus, crispy pork belly and potato foam was the star dish. Not forgetting the melty creamy homemade cheesecake to finish off the birthday meal. The service was warm and attentive but the pace felt a little rushed. Probably because it was a buzzy weekend and they needed the table asap. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience!

Restaurant Information:

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge
#01-03 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore, 089158 Singapore
+65 6221 0522

12PM – 2PM | 6PM – 10:30PM

12PM – 2.30PM | 6PM – 10:30PM


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