Macau Food Recommendations: What I Ate in Macau

These are what I ate during my work & leisure trip to Macau, the City of Blinding Lights.

Food in Macau

Never have I thought I would visit Macau on a leisure trip. But during a Bleisure trip (Business + Leisure Trip = Bleisure Trip), I had the chance to check out the Las Vegas of the East. While I have no interest in gambling, it was a memorable trip nonetheless.

I went on a free & easy foodie excursion and checked out a few picturesque places for the gram in Macau. Surely, the food in Macau did not disappoint. I had a mix of simple cha chaan teng food and extravagant meal at luxury hotels. Although it was a short stay, I have to agree that the city lives up to its name as a UNESCO ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’. Here’s a roundup of the food I ate:

Casa de Cha Lung Wah 龍華茶樓

Casa de Cha Lung Wah 龍華茶樓 is a traditional tea house that has been around since the 60s. It is located in a pastel-yellow building that exudes a charming old-school vibe. Everything in the tea house looked like a Cantonese movie scene.

Upon entering the restaurant which is located on the 2nd floor, you’ll be prompted to order your tea. While there are many types of tea to choose from, Heung-Pin tea is my favourite when it comes to Yum-cha as the subtle jasmine palette pairs well with any type of dim sum.

Casa de Cha Lung Wah Food Flatlay
Casa de Cha Lung Wah Macau Dimsum Place

Next, grab a seat. The best seats, in my humble opinion, are the ones by the window and they are extremely popular. Once you are ready, you can then proceed to pick up your choice of dim sum at the cart. You may also order food from their Chinese-only menu. We tried the steamed glutinous rice and some stuffed tofu, both were excellent.

Casa de Cha Yung Wah Interior
Casa de Cha Yung Wah counter
Casa De Cha Lung Wah 龍華茶樓
Lung Wah Tea House
3 R. Norte do Mercado Alm. Lacerda, Macau

Portuguese Cuisine at António

I took a stroll at the charming Taipa Village which is a world away from the swanky casinos and chanced upon António, a Portuguese restaurant in the area. I had Pastéis de Bacalhau, which is Fried Codfish Cakes and Galinha à Africana com Batata Gratinada, African Chicken with Peanut and Coconut Spice Sauce and Gratinated Potatoes.

I haven’t been to Portugal and so I can’t really comment on the authenticity of the food, but I enjoyed the dishes, especially the Bacalhau.

António 安東尼餐廳
Rua dos Clerigos No.18-A – 18-B, Taipa, Macau

Pace Coffee Macau

I was researching good cafes in Macau and dear Google brought me to Pace Coffee. Nestled in a shophouse around the quaint Guanye Street, Pace Coffee serves a wide array of coffee options. I really love the airy space with white and wooden elements. The shop is filled with the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee and everything feels so calm and welcoming. We ordered an iced latte and iced americano, and enjoyed it to the last sip!

Pace Coffee Macau Latte
Pace Coffee Macau coffee review
Pace Coffee Macau 
49 Rua dos Ervanários, Macau

Old House Bakery 

Old House Bakery 老房子麵包 is a bakery hidden in an alley near Guanye Street. Offering organic bread, pastries and cakes, this bakery is popular among locals. We enjoyed the mini canelé and matcha muffin and the old-school interior of the bakery definitely warrant a post on your Instagram!

Old House Bakery Matcha Muffin Macau
Old House Bakery 老房子麵包 
R/C, 13 Patio do Amparo, Macau
關前後街顯榮圍13 號地下

Palette Dessert Gallery

Tuck in this artfully presented apple tart “Pomme d’Amour” at Palette Dessert Gallery, a tart specialist in Macau. We are crazy over this apple tart with thinly sliced Fuji apple and salted caramel cheese mouse. The taste was divide, so crisp, so buttery, so elegant — Each bite was a true bliss!

Palette Dessert Gallery Macau
Palette Dessert Gallery 
Rua Nova A Guia, No. 209 R/C, Macau

Cafe Namping 南屏雅敘

Cafe Namping is a charming Cha Chaan Teng that serves classic, old-school cantonese fast food in Macau. We went there for a late breakfast. Upon entering the eatery, we see a wide array of freshly baked breads that reminds me of the traditional bakeries in Singapore. Their menu was extensive, with different kinds of sandwiches, french toast, macaronis, baked rice and drinks.

We had an Egg & Ham sandwich and it was filled to the brim. While the food was alright (nothing to shout about), I love that nostalgic atmosphere as if everything was straight out of an old Hong Kong movie. I’d recommend this place if you’d like to experience eating in an old-school Cha Chaan Teng in Macau.

Cafe Namping Macau
Cafe Nam Ping old school interior Macau
Cafe Namping Macau Breakfast
Cafe Namping 南屏雅敘
85A, 85 R. de Cinco de Outubro, Macau

渼味軒咖啡麵食之家 (Relocating)

渼味軒 is a restaurant that specialises in Macanese and Burmese noodle dishes. We randomly discovered the restaurant and it turned out to be one of the most memorable meals in the trip. We had the Garlic Chicken Chop Noodles 蒜香雞扒撈生面, and the garlic chicken chop was so fragrant, juicy and tender, and we love how springy the noodles were.

The staff also recommended their Cheesy Bun with Portuguese Sardine in Spicy Oil 葡國辣魚芝士包, as Portuguese sardine is one of the local delicacy in Macau. The bun had a generous spread of the spicy sardine that taste similar to our sambal chili and the thick layer of cheese slices adds richness to the dish!

It was a very satisfying meal and we’d love to go back but the eatery is relocating and is under a rebranding too. You may follow their facebook for further updates.

Macau Mei Wei Xuan Noodles

The Tasting Room 御膳房 (closed)

The Tasting Room was an elegant, French dining restaurant with 2 Michelin Stars. However, unlike my experience at Mingles in Seoul, I wasn’t entirely impressed with the food at The Tasting Room. While there were hits and misses, I’d say the plating and presentation were insanely beautiful, just like art pieces on the plate. The restaurant has ceased its operation in 2021.

The Tasting Room Salmon
The Tasting Room Lobster
The Tasting Room Beef Steak

This article was first published in 2019, and recently updated in 2022.

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