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Jeonju is a homeland for many talented artists. Known as the city of romance, culture and tradition, it is rich in history and definitely worth exploring– especially their unique Hanok Village. Talking about Jeonju Hanok Village (전주한옥마을), many would actually suggest you to stay at a Hanok for that traditional touch on your Jeonju trip. However, such fancy little traditional experience does not come cheap. Many of the good Hanok Stay cost close to a 4 or 5 star hotel, but the service and comfort they provide simply could not justify that price.

becky guesthouse jeonju

If you want a room that is quirky, designer-inspired, yet not burning a hole in your wallet,  Becky Art Space (백희) located right at the Jeonju Hanok Village (very good location) could be what you are looking for. Now that I am writing about the trip, I find that allowing myself to immerse in a space of arts and to be able to enjoy the perks of starting my day in the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee throughout my stay, was a brilliant decision.

becky outdoor 2

I reached Jeonju Station quite early that morning. Not a fan of carrying my heavy backpack as I roam around the city, I decided to try my luck and hail the cab straight to the guesthouse. Though their house rules were to only accept check-in at 3pm, I was lucky enough to be granted an early check in.


As the name suggests, Becky Art Space is a guesthouse for travellers, a gallery and a cafe. The guesthouse has 9 tastefully decorated rooms. Rooms come in different sizes. Bigger rooms could fit up to 5 people, which is very accommodating for group visitors, or even family outings. Room rates vary from KRW 60,000 per night to KRW 140,000 per night, depending on the size of the room and the amount of guests per room. **price listed here varies depending on peak and low season.**

becky cafe gallery guesthouse jeonju

The lobby of the guesthouse serves as a cafe-cum-art gallery, where the space is dedicated for talented artists to showcase their masterpiece and to reach out to the public. Interesting exhibits and exquisitely selected furnitures formed a harmonious ensemble.


Picture courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Picture courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.

 The Room:

Becky has 9 guest rooms. Each and every room is a living example of a perfect mix of Korean traditional and contemporary interior design. I especially adore Room 1, 2, 4 and 7, which has bigger windows that allow ample sunlight in the daytime. Another thing I like about Becky’s  is that each room has a beautiful bathroom attached.

Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 1. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 1. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 1. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 2. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 7. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Room 4’s washroom on the left. Room 1’s basin on the right. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.

Since the trip was decided in a rush, and it happened to be the year-end festive season, I was not able to secure myself with any of the rooms above that I prefer. However, I was still very keen on spending my nights at Becky so I settled with Room 6, the only small room available then. It costed me KRW 280,000 (peak season pricing) for two nights.

Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.
Interior of Room 6. Photo courtesy of Becky Guesthouse.

Room 6 turned out to be clean and cosy. It comes with a comfortable double bed, thick comforter, a TV, and a corner for tea. Basic amenities such as hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothpaste are provided. As I prefer natural sunlight, Room 6 was a tad too dark in the day time. However, the design of the room, the atmosphere and the cleanliness are above expectations.

The Cafe: Chosun Fantasy

The cafe at their lobby, the Chosun Fantasy serves unexpectedly good coffee. Coffee, herb teas, smoothies, burgers and shaved ice can be found on their menu. It is the only place in the building with WiFi access. Spending a relaxing morning, sipping a cup of goodness while surfing the Internet was the first thing I did every day during my stay.

becky guesthouse jeonju

becky guesthouse jeonju, cafe chosun fantasy


chosun fantasy

collage becky cafe

The coffee Mocha and Americano me and my mom ordered. Seriously I did not expect quality coffee at a guesthouse cafe in the first place. The first sip of the Americano was a mind-blower. It wins any international franchise hands down. Though I think their Mocha is too sweet for my liking, I really like their black coffee (great choice of beans!). If you are craving for an excellent brew, and if you trust my taste buds for coffee, here is where you should visit. The cafe has a great sense of selecting their music as well. It is certainly a space with character and a great atmosphere.

becky guesthouse jeonju



My Verdict: My 3D2N stay at Becky Art Space (Becky Gallery Guesthouse) was a pleasant surprise. Although living with the art exhibits for about half a week did not change my charisma or anything LOL, it feels great waking up in an art space. More importantly, the room was cosy and clean. Hot shower supply and the heater were left on 7/24 (you know this is crucial in winter). Service was friendly, and the owner is very knowledgeable in terms of good restaurants around Jeonju. Everything was great, the only drawback was that the guesthouse does not provide drinking water. Guests will have to purchase bottled water from the nearby convenience store.

becky guesthouse jeonju

Contact Details:

Becky Art Space. Gallery. Guesthouse 백희(click me!) 
Jeonju-si, Wansan-gu, Gyeongwon-Dong 2 Ga, 40-35
전주시 완산구 경원동 2가 40-35번지(어진길94-6)
Tel. 063-232-6748
HP. +8210-9595-6748

If you read and understand Korean and resides in South Korea, you may make your reservation through their official website, which enables you to secure the room instantly after transferring the rental through a Korean bank account. If not, you may want to contact Becky Kim at or call for a reservation.



  1. Hello^-^
    Im a manager of becky!!
    I was searching our guest house in the portal site..
    I saw ur posting.. it’s sooo nice..
    I would like to post urs in becky official home page and blog as well.
    If u dont mind ^_^

    Thanks for ur fantastic photos and posting ^^

    • 안녕하세요 루비님~ 사이트 방문해주셔서 감사합니다.
      사용 하시는 이미지와 후기의 출처 표시하여 사용 부탁드립니다.
      감사합니다. 🙂

  2. I like your blog! Very good photos, my fellow Singaporean. Good to know about this place. The last time I was in Jeonju a couple years ago, I couldn’t find many options in the Hanok Village. Will definitely give this try when I plan my next trip down south.

    • Hi Maggie, I love your travelogue too! I have yet to visit Japan, but I have been planning on it and your posts about Japan is amazing!
      I was in Jeonju in 2009 as well and I must say tourism in Jeonju has speedy development and that makes travelling far easier that we can imagine ;D There are many hanok stays in Jeonju as well I am always in dilemma whenever I book my trip because every house looks nice :3

      • Thank you! I love visiting Korea and I will be there on Wednesday. My annual pilgrimage! Thanks to your blog, I have new places to visit again – Dulmulmeori. Your photos of the place look so dreamy and gorgeous, I must go and visit.

  3. Hello Pheuron, thanks for detailing such wonderful and insightful blogs of various parts of Korea! Have enjoyed them thoroughly! We’re from Singapore & my family would like to book a 1 night stay at this very unique Becky Art Space Guesthouse when we go to Jeonju in Dec 15. However, the website is in Korean language, which I don’t understand. I’ve emailed Ms Becky Kim but she hasn’t replied. Would like to find out from you if they accept payment by credit card. Appreciate your advice on how I can book this accommodation? Thanks very much. ?

    • Hello Vera,
      Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoy the blog!
      You may want to search up “Guest house Becky” on facebook and try to contact them via FB instant message? Usually, the guesthouse in KR would hold the room for foreigners without demanding a deposit. And for the payment details I think it is better to check with them directly. 🙂

  4. 안녕하세요 Pheuron 🙂
    저희 예전 이메일이 올라가 있어서 게스트들이 잘못보내나봐요 – > old one -> new one
    귀찮겠지만 수정해주실수 있을까요??
    멋진 포스팅 덕분에 몇몇 싱가폴 게스트가 백희에 다녀가셨어요
    늘 감사합니다 Pheuron ^_^

    • Hi Cheryl, I can’t remember if they do the clean up daily, but I am sure you can always ask them to clean (or not to) when needed. 🙂

  5. Hi Pheuron! My hubby and I will be visiting Jeonju a few weeks later and I’ve asked the hubby to make a reservation at Becky Art Space after reading your review of it. Thank you so much for providing such a detail review of your stay and impression of the guesthouse. I have a feeling we’re going to be quite satisfied with Becky Art Space 🙂

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