Pheuron Tay

Hello! I am Pheuron from Singapore. I am an ex-journalist, a professional marketer by day, a content creator by night, and an advocate for foundation-free skin. 

The Blog

Many know me as the creator behind the award-winning Korea Travel Blog — The Calm Chronicle. I enjoy sharing my adventures in South Korea, providing alternative places to explore through visuals and writing.

Blogging has never been a stranger to me as I started writing on MSN MySpace back in 2005. pheurontay.com was set up as my personal blog in 2013, but I found myself penning down more about my travel musings in South Korea as I moved to the country to pursue my Master’s Degree at Seoul National University. 9 years later, the passion project has evolved into a South Korea Travel Info Site for free & easy travellers worldwide. 

- For the Culturally Curious & Epicurious.

Today, this personal blog remains a platform to inspire my readers through documentation of brands and things that I genuinely love, products or services that I use daily, and my travel adventures. 

For press invites & collaborations, please contact me.