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As I write about Gangwon-do, the emerald green hills and the deep blue sea were already miles apart. This province is a little foreign to many first-timer to South Korea. Still, it has been a fairly popular destination to K-drama followers, all thanks to the famous Korean drama Goblin which would make its Season 2 comeback on Netflix soon. Many of the iconic drama scenes were taken at Gangwon-do, which I have already covered here.

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For those who enjoy the beautiful scenery of South Korea, and would love a free & easy trip to their coastal provinces, I highly recommend the Gangwon province. It has gorgeous sheep farms, endless mountains and breathtaking ocean view, suitable for nature lovers, couples and family with kids.

I embarked on a quest for a place to stay in Daegwallyeong after deciding to bring dad and mom for our first family trip in Gangwon-do. After some search on Naver, I found Queen’s Garden, a beautiful guesthouse located in Hoenggye (횡계), a town in Pyeong Chang that is a 19 minutes drive away to Daegwallyeong Yangtte Sheep Farm. It is a family-run guesthouse famed for its beautifully decorated garden.

Queens Garden | Photo courtesy of Queens Garden.
Patio for BBQ during summer. | Photo Courtesy of Queens Garden.

As our family trip took place a few weeks before the arrival of autumn, the changing of the season brought a sudden thunderstorm. We were all drenched by the time we reached the guesthouse. The owner set up a cosy fireplace at the lobby cafe and served towels and herbal tea as a welcome drink. Though with limited English capacity, we were delighted by the friendly, thoughtful and authentic service.

We booked a “Pension” room, which is a type of lodging widely found in quiet towns or countryside in South Korea. A pension usually comes with family-friendly facilities, such as separating bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen and ondol-style flooring, which is a excellent amenities for old-folks. Each pension comes in different configuration, and our room has a mezzanine level which has 3 beds and a sofa that can easily be converted into a single bed – great for a 4 pax family!

One double bed and a single bed at the mezzanine level of the Pension.

The room has a veranda that has direct access to the garden, a perfect place for a BBQ party, especially from spring to summer. We did opted-in for their in-house BBQ dinner package which was supposed to take place at the veranda. However, due to the bad weather, we had to move the dinner venue to the lobby cafe.

We had Hanwoo beef and BBQ pork prepared by the owner of Queen’s Garden. The meat was fatty, tender and juicy. We also loved the side-dishes made by the owner’s wife. Though we did not get to experience in-room dining, the atmosphere at the cafe was warm and invigorating, as if we were dining at a friend’s place.

The view right outside our balcony.

We woke up in the morning feeling refreshed at our pension. The sky has cleared up, and the crisp autumn morning air makes us feel vibrant and excited. We went out at the veranda and inhaled the natural forest fresh air — a much-needed forest bathing indeed.

The complimentary breakfast was a simple and hearty spread consists of salad, juices, soup, bagels with butter and assorted homemade jam. We finished up our breakfast and decided to take a tour at Queen’s Garden’s famed garden. Unfortunately, the damaging storm left the plants flattened – my photos certainly do not do them justice as it was taken right after the storm. I believe the garden will look stunning after tidying up, especially when the weather is good!

The lettuce we had at the BBQ dinner the night before was from the garden.
Immerse in the early autumn view at Queen’s Garden in the end August.

Writer’s Note: 

Queen’s Garden is a lovely guesthouse at Hoenggye, perfect for those who are visiting Gangwon-do (or Gangwon Province), especially the Daegwallyeong area. Traditionally known as the best winter destination, this province is exceptionally beautiful in winter. However, I would also recommend you to visit this place even in the summer because it is reportedly 6 degrees cooler than Seoul. This would also mean that the winter in Gangwon-do will get even colder in winter, so do dress appropriately. During the warmer season, you may have a picnic or a swim by the valley which is a stone’s throw away or have an ATV ride session against the scenic wind generator area.

I love how near Queen’s Garden is from Hoenggye Bus Terminal, and you can easily hail a cab to the guesthouse. As for touring around the area, I figured it is best to hire a taxi driver that drives you around the whole day. However, making a reservation wasn’t exactly a breeze. You’ll need a Korean bank account for a deposit, which I find most overseas tourist would find this a hassle. However, if you’d like an experience similar to local Korean, you may still write in to enquire. The owner might be able to help with your booking without a deposit but please do your part by not backing out!

Contact Details:

Queens Garden
Tel.:  +82 10-9012-2583
Email: queens700@naver.com
https://queensgarden.co.kr/ (Korean)

강원도 평창군 대관령면 경강로 5425-21


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