4 Things To Note If You Want To See Improvement Using DR’s Secret

If you want to see improvement using DR's Secret, here are the important things you should note.


Now you’re on board with DR’s Secret Skincare and have been using the product for a period of time. You have seen how your face glow in the first few weeks but the improvement seems to go stagnant recently and you wonder why?

As an experienced DR’s Secret User and an active skin buddy myself, here are my two cents of how you can enhance your skin condition:

#1. Ensure You’re Using the Right Dosage

Through the DR’s Secret Skin Buddy Program, I’ve met countless ladies that aspire to have healthy and radiant skin. And the most common mistake is not using enough product. Some were telling me that the products are not cheap so they’d like to be more prudent.

You can have the most powerful and revolutionary product line up on your vanity table. But it is the dosage that can be the most critical element to the outcome of your skincare effort. If you are using too little of the products, your skin will not benefit fully from the active ingredients, and you’ll probably take a longer time to achieve your skin goals.

At the end of the day, are we trying to stretch the dollar, or we only managed to stretch our journey to perfect skin from 6 months to 2 years?  Of course, I am not promoting to overuse the products.

When it comes to skincare, applying more products doesn’t mean it’ll work better. It is about using the RIGHT amount.

When we are using too little products, we actually expose our skin to external aggravators like UV rays and pollution, which may end up causing long-term damage. If you are unsure, check with your skin buddy to find out the right amount of products for your skin. I have also written a general guide about applying the right amount here.

#2. Verify if You’re doing Miraglo Correctly

Miraglo exfoliation is one of the most crucial parts of DR’s Secret regime. Typically, our skin cells regenerate itself every 30 days. The dead skin cells on the surface of our skin will give way for new cells to grow. However, some old skin cells don’t just shed on their own. They end up accumulating on our skin, leaving dry, scaly patches that are hindering the absorption of our skincare products.

Miraglo exfoliation cloth is used to remove dead skin cells, debris and blackheads for all DR’s Secret skincare regimens. The green cloth comes with ultra-thin microfibers that are 200 times thinner than human hair, which is specially designed to lift up the dead cells without injuring our skin.

Photo Courtesy of DR’s Secret Official.

The way we hold the miraglo cloth, the dampness of the cloth, the strength we push the cloth against our skin etc. all plays a part in an effective Miraglo exfoliation session. If you’re doing it correctly, you’ll feel that your face is brighter, your pores are less noticeable, and your skin is soft and supple.

How do you know that you are doing it all wrong? If you feel a sharp pain when you are applying products right after miraglo, or you didn’t see dead skin cells or debris on your miraglo after months of regular exfoliation, you’re not nailing it just yet. Please arrange a demo session with your skin buddy.

#3. Foam up Your Cleanser 1 Properly 

Why the trouble? Many of us who just started using DR’s Secret loathe the extra step of lathering the bubbles. But why do all the buddies insisted on this, and why are we against using a foaming net or pump when it comes to foaming the bubbles?

Lathering injects oxygen to the cleansing gel and it helps to kill anaerobic bacteria. This bacteria is the culprit of many skin issues as it prevents our skin from absorbing oxygen. When skin lacks oxygen, it will lose the ability to absorb the products we are applying, no matter how expensive the product is.

Photo Courtesy of DR’s Secret Official.

Many skin buddies are against using foaming net or pump as we are unable to control where and how our members are storing or drying the foaming devices. Ultimately, we want to cut down the allergen exposure, especially from dust, dust mites or any possible form of infection.

How do you know if you are foaming it correctly? Your bubble should look like well-beaten egg whites within 20-40 seconds! 2 basic tips for a start: Wash your hands with hand soap before foaming bubbles, and make sure to emulsify the pink gel before you start foaming the bubbles. When in doubt, consult your skin buddy for personalised advice.

#4. Be Proactive & Communicate with Your Skin Buddy Regularly

Communication is the key to good skin with DR’s Secret. Follow up with your Skin Buddy more proactively. Don’t wait for your buddy to contact you. If you are unsure, ask away. Share your concern, tell your skin buddy about the improvement or the lack of improvement. Take notice of the changes in your skin especially when you were given a new regime.

Try not to give ambiguous feedback like “It feels alright”, “No much difference yet”, or “I didn’t pay attention.” Instead of telling your skin buddy that your face is dry or oily, take note of when your face starts to get oily after applying the regime, which are the oily zones, or what time does your face starts to feel tight and dry.

With more information from you, your skin buddy will be able to give a better (and accurate) regime. One very simple way is to observe your skin condition every morning. Check the pore size, skin tone, the amount of whiteheads and blackheads etc, and if there is any difference after washing your face, after applying the products or post-Miraglo.

Remember, though your skin buddy should provide support, they need your support to do their job too! This is a collective effort and both of you have to be equally invested in making your skin goal happen!


Everyone is given ONE chance to appoint their own skin buddy.

And you can’t change your buddy once you have validated your buddy relationship.  So all the more you have to choose wisely. A general skin quiz online can only give you a generic analysis, and once you fill out your name and mobile number on the site, a random skin buddy will be assigned to you. If you want a thorough & personalised analysis, I suggest you reach out to a skin buddy of your choice directly. She’ll be able to give you a tailored consultation, walk you through your skin journey, and advise you on the latest promotion exclusively to new users!

I have shared a bit more about Things You Should Know Before Purchasing DR’s Secret on my previous blog here.

If you need a skin buddy, scan the QR code below and talk to me directly!

What is Skin Buddy? A skin buddy is an independent sales representative and an experienced DR’s Secret user who has the know-how to achieve healthy & radiant skin. 

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